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Updated by dusseldorf on 07/27/10 00:00
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Grupellostr. 32 Duesseldorf, Germany 40210
Open: 17-5h, Fr 17h-Mo 5h -nonstop-
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Updated by 6940 on 07/31/08 00:00
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Ludwig´s Bier & Brot<br>Duesseldorf, Germany
Mertensgasse 11 Duesseldorf, Germany 40213
Popular downtown location. Mixed. Familiar atmosphere. Sat+Sun breakfast from 6am-9am. Beliebtes Lokal in der Düsseldorfer Altstadt. Offen für alle und dennoch sehr persönlich. Täglich von 18.00-5.00 Uhr, Samstag, Sonntag und...
Contact: E-Mail
Internet: Website
Open: tägl. 18-5h, und Sa+So/Feiertags Frühstück 6-9h
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Updated by dus_naehkorb on 09/22/07 00:00
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Nähkörbchen<br>Duesseldorf, Germany
Hafenstr. 11 Duesseldorf, Germany 40213

 Always busy place.

Party + nette Leute. Immer was los.

Contact: E-Mail
Open: Mi-Fr ab 18h, Sa ab 14h, So ab 15h
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Updated by admin on 08/31/17 07:08
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Jahnstr. 2a Duesseldorf, Germany 40215
Open: ab 15h
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Updated by dusseldorf on 08/31/09 00:00
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Charlottenstr. 60, Eingang Bismarckstr. Duesseldorf, Germany 40210
Nette kleine Kultbar, nähe HBF. Immer was los, besonders nachts. Leckere Snacks. So-Do 19-22h: Happy Hour - Faßbier u. offene Softdrinks nur € 1,20 Nice and popular place near central station. Always busy. Delicious snacks. Sun-Thu 19...
Open: 19-1h
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