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We‘re a specialised store for Underwear, Swimwear, Fashion, Sportswear and Loungewear exclusively for men! We sell Emporio Armani EA7, Diesel, Olaf Benz, Hom, Manstore, ES Collection, Addicted, PUMP!, Andrew Christian, aussieBum… and so much more!

We are a unique store, being the only one in Belgium to focus on men when it comes to underwear and swimwear, but we also have an entire selection of fashion, sportswear and loungewear. We want to be able to offer something to every single man out there, which is why we’ve decided to diversify in our collections. Whether you like briefs, trunks, boxers, jocks or thongs, we’ve got something for you.

Furthermore we have a huge selection of T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, PJs, socks… And all of this of prime quality, using only the best materials like cotton, polyester, microfiber, modal…

So whether you’re looking for those classic white briefs or the colorful boxers; the perfectly fitting speedo or the coolest board shorts; the most comfy pair of sweatpants or your favorite pair of jeans; a breathable tank top or a fun T-shirt… we’ve got it all!

You can find our store in the very heart of Brussels, the heart of Europe, so please stop by anytime to say hi! Or you can get crazy on our webshop, order all you ever wanted and have it delivered right to your door. On the comfort of the internet…

Our mission is to help you find your perfect outfit, so that from early in the morning, after that fresh shower, you can slip into your favorite undies and have an amazing day!

Eventually, all we want to see are happy cheeks…


  • CC [Credit Cards Accepted]
  • GF [Gay Friendly]
  • GM [Gay Men]
  • WA [Wheelchair accessible]
Fon: +32 2 503 50 84
Kontakt: E-Mail
Internet: Website
Öffnungszeiten: 11.30-19h, Sun 14-18h, Tue closed


29 Rue du Lombard Brussels, Belgien 1000
Nach:  29 Rue du Lombard Brussels, Belgien 1000

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