Kußmann - Bar & Café
Mannheim, Germany

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Abends moderne, pulsierende und freundliche Bar, nachmittags gemütliches Café, im Sommer mit mediterraner Terrasse. Und immer mit den hübschesten Männern der Stadt.

Modern, popular and friendly bar in the evening. Comfortable Café during late afternoon with mediterranean terrace in the summer. And always with the nicest guys in town...


  • B [Bar]
  • C [Café]
  • CC [Credit Cards Accepted]
  • GF [Gay Friendly]
  • GM [Gay Men]
  • GMW [Gay Men & Women]
  • GW [Gay Women]
  • T [Terrace/Outdoor Facilities]
  • Y [Young Crowd]
Fon: +49 6213974269
Contact: E-Mail
Internet: Website
Open: Mo-Do 17-1h, Fr 17-3h, Sa 18-3h, So+ Feiertag 14-1h


T6, 19 Mannheim, Germany 68161
To:  T6, 19 Mannheim, Germany 68161


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