Panteres Grogues, Barcelona LGTB Sport Club
Barcelona, Spain

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Panteres Grogues is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a place where gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transexuals to develop a sports activity freely and relaxed. However the association is open to anyone who wants to participate in sport with us.

Currently we have athletics, ballroom dancing, basketball, cycling, squash, skiing, soccer, swimming, tennis, table tennis, petanque, hiking, sailing, volleyball and extracurricular activities.

Panteres Grogues was born in 1994, thanks to Rudy when a bunch of gays and lesbians were playing volleyball on the beach with a yellow ball that was given to them by a gay volleyball team from Germany. Panteres Grogues currently consists of about 600 members. They all meet once a year during a General Assembly to balance the accounts and decide on the future of the club.

The membership gives direction to the club’s Board, consisting of about 10 people elected by all the membership. The Board consists of a chairman, a vice president, treasurer and a few vocal members of the Board which may be variable in number and that are preferably from the various sporting sections. Each of the sport activities of Panteres Grogues has a coordinator. To coordinate all these sports these coordinators meet regularly with the Coordinator of the Sports Commission, which li||x||nks the Sports Commission and the Board.

Panteres Grogues
C/ Diputació, 163.
08011 - Barcelona Spain
Tel. (+34) 932 095 490


  • GF [Gay Friendly]
  • GM [Gay Men]
  • GMW [Gay Men & Women]
  • GW [Gay Women]
Fon: +34 932095490
Contact: E-Mail
Internet: Website


C/ Diputacion, 163, Diputacio, 163 Barcelona, Spain 08011
To:  C/ Diputacion, 163, Diputacio, 163 Barcelona, Spain 08011


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