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Restaurante Romeo
Playa del Ingles, Spain

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 Welcome to Restaurante Romeo.

Located on the Canary Islands, the archipel of ever lasting spring, you will find our little restaurant located on Gran Canaria, where we are looking forward to your visit.

Meditaranian cuisine with continental influences, great wines and a warm atmosphere are waiting for you, close to the Yumbo Center.

"We", this is a small team. A bit of kitchen-staff, a bit of service-staff and a lot of passion.
We are deply convienced, that only the one who takes the time and makes the effort to think about his guests, listens to them and gives all of his heart is the one who deserves your visit.

We give all that we got to make sure, you have a great time.



  • B [Bar]
  • C [Café]
  • GF [Gay Friendly]
  • GMW [Gay Men & Women]
  • M [Meals available]
  • S [Snacks available]
  • T [Terrace/Outdoor Facilities]
Internet: Website


Av. de Tirajana 24, Apto. IGUAZU Playa del Ingles, Spain 35100
To:  Av. de Tirajana 24, Apto. IGUAZU Playa del Ingles, Spain 35100


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