Basilica di San Pietro

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St. Peter crucified in 64 A.D. was burried among some Christian martyrs in the ’ager vaticanus’. Recognizing Christianity with the Edict of Milan, the Emperor Constantine started building a large church in the 4th century. The tomb of St. Peter was placed in the center.
Julius II (1503-1513) pulled down Constantine’s basilica and built the new St. Peter’s, planned and constructed by Michelangelo. In the mid-16th century, the central part of St. Peter’s was covered with a beautiful vaulted dome by Giacomo della Porta.
Maderno added two bays in the early 17th century, later on Bernini completed the Piazza San Pietro, giving this place todays appearance.

For details of indoor statues, monuments and altars please refer to image gallery or download Friends The Gaymap, edition Vatican City


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