Community Maps



Promote a new destination   -   Get your own Friends The Gaymap edition   -   Benefit from our network.


Since we are not able to cover and handle all community resorts and areas through our head offices, we offer various packages to individuals, businesses and community organizations to add a new Friends The Gaymap® edition to our worldwide distribution network.


Community Package Inclusions


Layout of provided data and advertisements
• Drawing of street maps
• Print of 12.500 hard copies
• International distribution in our display racks
• Providing all necessary material for local distribution, shipped free of charge to one address within the EU.


Your Job


• Provide us with database of all community venues incl. locations
• Sell local advertisements on your behalf (You'll keep the revenues!)
• Provide us with all advertising artwork where applicable
• Handle the local distribution, incl. assorted international maps




• Friends The Gaymap cover logo must appear as on all other maps
• NAVIGAYTOR.NET Banner on cover must appear as on all other maps
• Layout, size and folding must be the same as on all other maps
• 2/1 panel is reserved for our international advertisers

Charges are:
• 4-panel Community Map € 1.500,-
• 6-panel Community Map € 2.000,-

In order to cover your expenses you will be eligible to sell local advertisements on your behalf and keep the revenues!


Samples Friends The Gaymap, Ibiza
  Friends The Gaymap, Playa del Inglès
  Friends The Gaymap, Zagreb
   Elysium Resort, Fort Lauderdale - Special Edition
   Enjoy Bed & Breakfast - Special Edition


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