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Audience Hall
Vatican City, Vatican
The Audience Hall was built between 1966 and 1971. With 6.000 seats and another standing capacity for 6.000, this hall is one of the most interesting buildings in modern Rome. See more on our fully downloadable Friends The Gaymap, edition Vatican...
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Vatican & Saint Peter's Square
Vatican City, Vatican
Founded in 1929 by a contract with the Italian Government, the Vatican is the smallest state in the world. Besides 440.000 square meters within the walls, some buildings in Rome also have exteritorial status, i.e.: St. Paul’s Outside the Walls, S....
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The Sistine Chapel
Vatican City, Vatican
Named after Sixtus IV della Rovere (1471-84) as a new hall for papal court assemblies. Well known Florentine artists were asked to do the inside paintings. The completion of the chapel’s decoration was made by Giuliano della Rovere, nephew of...
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CC Yumbo Playa del Ingles, Spain 35100

The international Carival of Maspalomas will be presenting "Hollywood" as theme, enjoy a week full of fun with the big parade at saturday night! Details can be seen on the FB Page!

Event Date(s):
From 19.02.2016 To 28.02.2016
every day
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