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Palace of Sixtus
Vatican City, Vatican
The Palace of Sixtus was built under Sixtus V (1485-90). This is the palace where the present pope lives. On Sunday noon he stands at the window, blessing the crowd at St. Peter’s Square. See more on our fully downloadable Friends The Gaymap, edition Vatican City
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Schwules Museum
Luetzowstr. 73 Berlin, Germany 10785

Gay Museum

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1st LGBT Open at Gran Canaria<br>Playa del Ingles, Spain
Calle Ventura Doreste s/n, Corner Jamat Playa del Ingles, Spain Las Palmas

There is a new Event coming to #GranCanaria. The 1. LGTB Open (#Tennis) in #LasPalmas!
Details: http://www.lgtbopengrancanaria.com/
FB-Page: LGTB OPEN Gran Canaria 9-11 Octubre 2015

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Internet: Website
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Official Flash Party Afterhour @ Alte Kaserne<br>Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland 8004

presented by flexx on Sunday, August 30th, 2015 from 5 am  Get ready for Afterhour Madness!!! Dark Progressive & Tribal-Sound at it’s best!!!  If you can’t get enough after the Angels Street Parade „Flash Part

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Internet: Website
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